Finlay is our secretary. He helps out a meetings and events. 

He also helps with holiday cover for the care and maintance of the kennels.



Marion is our treasurer. She is a huge help to the charity with paperwork and general errands. She has helped out at many of our events. 

She has previously adopted dogs from Help a Hound her current boy is a whippet Benji. 


Andy has been volunteering here at Auchenbowie kennels for the last 4 years. Andy works as our liaison co-ordinator between our centre and other rehoming centres and charites.


Amy is an enthusiastic volunteer who helps with fundrasing and fostering. 

She adopted her first boy Perry and after him went on to do fostering and much more! 

She helps out with lots of our events and provied essentail assistance and support to the charity. She is a great asset to the team. 











Ramsay is our membership leader. He oversees our membership and juniour membership programs. 

He enjoys walking and training the dogs.

He helps out at our microchipping events as our pet holder. 

He says : "Our dogs are lovely and I work hard to train them, so it's great fun"












Meg is the founder of Help a Hound. She has been a volunteer at Auchenbowie kennels for 14 years. She has an NVQ Lv.2 in greyhound care and has successfully undergone petlog microchip training. She also holds an honours degree in Applied Pharmacology from Queen Margaret University.

She oversees the daily running and maintenance of the  kennels. She also provides specalist training, rehabilitation and therapy to any of the dogs requiring it. Our veternary training programme is currently led an taught by her.