Scooby has a loving new home in Inverness. His new owners absolutely adore him and have said that since moving in he has really started coming out of his shell.

Update: This lovely boy now has a wonderful girlfriend Honey. They both enjoy their walks as well as lots of cuddles and treats from their owners. We've got a photo of the lovely pair out for a walk. 










Maisie now lives with Paul, his girlfriend and their dog Bella in Aberdeen. Paul and his girlfriend fell in love with her from the moment they met her. Bella came to be introduced to Maisie and they got on very well. They now love long walks along the river and playing together!











Kym is a beautiful 14 year old girl adpoted by Mags when she was 4. This wonderful girl loves playing with her teddys, treats, 

and plaing with her best friend Murron.


Cheyenne's daugher and Bluey can be seen here having a cuddle. He has settled well into his new home. He has made lots of new freinds to play with including his new girlfriend Milly. 

He enjoys the couch life but still loves to play ball. 


Chris now lives with Anna where he ejoys long walks around Arthur's Seat. She knew as soon as she met Chris that he was the dog for her. Despite having visited several rehoming centres looking for her perfect dog it wasn't until she met Chris that she had found the perfect dog for her. 



The owners of Red said to us : "We adopted her as Lass but our sons thought that the name Red suited her better, and she seems to be responding well to it. 

Red enjoys lying at our feet and occasionally trying to sit up on the sofa when she thinks we aren't looking. She really enjoys going for long walks in the evenings and meeting other dogs in our family, including another greyhound - Blue. She is a very patient and well natured dog, putting up with our two noisy boys. We think she is a real credit to the Help a Hound centre. She has settled well into our family and we are really glad to have her."













His new family saw his ad online and after seeing his picture little Isla knew she wanted to come and meet him. It was love at fist sight and here is their story. 


We sadly lost our first greyhound Ike. We had Ike since he was 2, and he was a rescue dog. When Ike passed away we knew we wanted to welcome another gentle greyhound in to our family. Having young kids was proving difficult as many places wouldn't even consider us. The kids have been used to a dog their whole life, and we wanted this to continue. We just had to find the right boy. I saw Stevie's advert and was instantly drawn to his happy face. On first meeting him he was very charming, handsome and full of life! We agreed he was the boy for us. Stevie has been part of the family for almost 2 weeks now, but it feels like we have had him much longer! He adores the kids, gives us all a huge welcome every morning and seems to be loving his new family as much as we are loving him! Thank you for giving us and Stevie this opportunity!









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